Jon is a seasoned musician, having performed extensively as a soloist, band leader, arranger, composer, and recording engineer in the United States, Canada, and Britain. He has been strongly influenced by guitarists: Luis Bonfa, Lenny Breau, Charlie Byrd, Laurindo Almeida, Baden Powell, Kenny Burrell and Joe Pass.
       Jon lives in Sonoma, CA and performs in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Private Receptions:

President Gerald & Betty Ford

President George H W Bush

Lady Margaret Thatcher

Prime Minister Shimon Perez

Prime Minister John Major

Miss Beverly Sills

Dr. Henry Kissinger

Mr. Vincent Bugliosi

Senators Robert & Elizabeth Dole

The Kingston Trio

Gen. Norman Schwartzkopf 

Mr. Larry King

Mr. Alan King

Mr. William F. Buckley Jr

Gen. Tommy Franks

Mr. Bob Newhart  

Messrs. Les Brown Sr & Jr.

Mr. George Will


Corporate Receptions:

IBM | Edison | NBC | Hitachi |  Lexus

Lucent Technologies |  Mitsubishi

Chrysler | Glaxo | GTE | PG&E | PGA West

Queen of the Valley Hospital | Sprint

Toyota | NHRA | Wachovia Bank

Arrowood Winery | Cline Winery | Depot Hotel 

The Estate | Greenbelt Alliance

Jack London Lodge | Jacuzzi Winery 

Kenwood Estate Winery 

 Mayacamas C. C. | Meander Winery

Meritage Champagne & Oyster Bar

 Olive Press | Peju Winery | Ricky's Bar & Grill 

 Trione Winery | Viansa Winery

Silverado C. C.

Saddles at MacArthur Place

Valley of the Moon Winery


Resident guitarist at 'La Quinta Grill'

La Quinta, CA  (1995-2001)

Napa | Palm Springs | Palm Desert | Indian Wells

 Rancho Mirage | La Quinta | Bermuda Dunes

London | Manchester | Newcastle | Edinburgh

Los Angeles | Pasadena C C | Long Beach

San Diego | Seattle | San Francisco | San Jose

 Santa Monica | Sonoma | Calistoga


Vancouver, BC | Victoria, BC 

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